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What is it We Do?

At Beat Down Burnout our mission is to change the culture of healthcare so that everyone feels seen, heard, and recognized for their expertise. We accomplish this using the knowledge and systems of personality science.

We tackle hard topics such as bullying, burnout and DEI from a standpoint of communication. We want everyone to feel like a valued member of the team. You have the opportunity to be placed on a predictable path toward leadership. We believe that many problems can be eliminated through listening and speaking in a manner that values both the speaker and the listener, and we have a system for doing that.

Often, both burnout and bullying are the result of feeling unappreciated and misunderstood. We take into account your beliefs, your character, your traditions, those things that are important to you. We teach you to do the same when listening and speaking to others. This process teaches you influence and negotiation skills, the ability to build teams within your organization, and to lead leaders. We give you many chances to put this into daily practice.

I’m Nanette Nuessle, MD. I’m a Board Certified Pediatrician who has been on the frontlines of healthcare for over 30 years. I am also a Licensed and Certified B.A.N.K. Trainer and Certified IOS Coach. In my first position I went from being fresh out of training to chairing the Department of Pediatrics at the nearby hospital and at our 90-physician clinic. Over the years, I had many adventures, including 10 years as a locum physician where I traveled all over the US, including working 2 years in Hawaii.

In my travels, two things kept repeating, and those were bullying in the workplace and burnout. Eventually, I was bullied myself, to the point that a nurse was arguing orders with me and throwing things at me. When I reported this, there was retaliation. That’s when I knew things had to change. I sought out solutions and found the B.A.N.K. system of Personality Science.

B.A.N.K. works for bullying in the workplace, much of which originates as a DEI issue. It works for burnout at work and at home. B.A.N.K. brings about positive culture change. I have used it to build better teams. It improves relationships, making you a better parent and a better spouse. It takes an average employee and puts them on the track to leadership.

We offer 2-3 day courses, 12 week courses (to establish ongoing habits) and a 1-year leadership track known as the Signature Series. Our Premier course is a 3.5 month journey titled Beyond Bullying and Burnout: Building on Your BANKCode.

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Communication Is Everything. Learn the code. Hear the code. Live the code.

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 Our mission is to empower people to do away with bullying and burnout through higher, more effective, communication.

At Beat Down Burnout, we give you the opportunity to learn how to communicate at a level where you master negotiating. We teach a system where you learn to hear and be heard. This gives you the leverage you need with administrators while still building trust and a sense of community within your teams. This reduces errors, improves satisfaction (for both patients and staff), reduces staff turnover, and improves patient compliance. It diminishes, and even eliminates, the intimidation and coercion seen in bullying or hostile work environments.

Beyond Burnout and Bullying: Building on Your BANKCode
This is our Premier course, designed specifically with healthcare workers in mind. It starts with an 8-hour deep dive into our tools, training and technology that can bring about massive change. This is followed with a 90-day Accountability Program to keep you using those tools daily until they become habitual. This creates leaders with high emotional and spiritual intelligence.

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