Beat Down Burnout


At Beat Down Burnout, our purpose is to use communication, EQ and relationships to battle bullying and burnout in the workplace

Do You Struggle To Make Yourself Understood?

Have you sent an email, only to have it misinterpreted?

Research shows that 66% of communications, whether by presentation or email, turn off their recipients. This may result in you either being bullied or being considered a bully. We have a way to fix that.

Have you had your words turned back on you?

What starts as a communication error may escalate into more. This happens for many reasons. We come from different backgrounds. We have different responsibilities and belief structures. We work on different teams and different communities within the company. This diversity drives us to communicate differently and look for different wins. All of this is based on our core values.

There are four personality types.

Personality science has been around since Hippocrates. What’s new is learning to speak and listen based upon a code, your BANKCode. Your BANKCode is based on your core values. At Beat Down Burnout, we focus on people’s core values. This brings about an opportunity for significant personal growth, if you’re up for the challenge. I promise, it will be fun. Crack your code here and learn about your core values.

Beat Down Burnout uses personality science to empower you to speak and listen in code.

We use predictable processes and state-of-the-art AI to teach you how to build communities, improve teamwork, boost communication skills, and increase flexibility.

Communication is Everything.

Communication isn’t just speaking. It’s also listening.

You may have heard of “listening to reply” versus “listening to understand.” At Beat Down Burnout, we take your listening one step higher. We teach you to listen to one another’s core values. When you listen to a colleague’s or adversary’s core values, you begin to value that person as a human being. You also begin to value what’s important to them. It takes your communication and your relationships to an entirely new level.

Take this opportunity to let Beat Down Burnout drive your communication to the next level!

Personality science may be the secret, the system, and the solution.