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Have You Ever Been Misunderstood?

I’d like to talk to you about a problem. It’s one that I think is common. I know I’ve had it. I think that you’ve probably had it, too. If you’ve offended someone by doing this, then they’ve probably had the problem at one time as well. The problem is this: Have you ever said something and had it misunderstood? It could be something very simple, such as you’re driving and you tell someone to turn left at a certain corner and they turn a street too early or a street too late. Or, it could be something much more complex with far reaching complications, such as giving the diet to a patient. We’re usually told that it’s our tone or volume of voice that leads to the misunderstanding. However, that’s often not true. It’s often our choice of words that leads to the problem. Now, why would I say that?

There is science behind what I’m saying. There is actually a lot of science behind how we communicate with one another. The part I’m referring to is called Personality Science. It’s based on the theory that the entire human race has four personality types, the Theory of the Four Temperaments. When you speak to someone with your same personality type, you tend to use the same phrases, or speak in the same code. You resonate with one another. When you speak to someone in an opposite personality type, you speak in a conflicting code, and there is no resonance. This actually leads to dissonance and conflict, whether it’s in the workplace, in the home, or simply out shopping.


Here’s the good news! There is actually a solution for this. As a Coach and a Trainer, I have access to a system that has a solution to this. We have seen this work for sales. We’ve seen this work for professionals. We’ve seen this work for parenting. It can work for you.


Let me show you a quick example. Laura DeCesaris is a Chiropractic Physician who had a successful practice near family and friends. For personal reasons, she moved 5 states away and opened a new practice. Now, this new practice was in an area that healthcare workers refer to as a war zone. That means that competition was very stiff and it’s difficult to start a new practice, but Dr. DeCesaris had good reasons for moving there. Also, she had been very successful in her first practice and was confident that things would be fine. However, in a few months, she had spent $30,000 for a marketing campaign that wasn’t working. Her Wellness Clinic just wasn’t building. Her patients weren’t following her advice (weren’t being compliant) and she was miserable. She was considering leaving the field. She came across the BANK system and started using it with her established patients. She started connecting with them. Communications and satisfaction improved. They even began following her advice. She then added it to the intake form for patients who were just coming into her practice. Withing 4-6 months, her compliance rate went from below 30% to above 80%. Her practice was so full she had to close it to new patients. She no longer pays for a marketing plan. Both she and her patients are much happier. Needless to say, her income has increased along with her satisfaction.


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Nanette Nuessle