Beat Down Burnout

Healthcare is Under Siege

Hey Healthcare Warriors, 


Healthcare is under siege and has been for a while. As you know, it is my passion to stamp out bullying in healthcare, not just for Physicians before everyone in healthcare. I have talked a lot this past year, about bullying being a part of the system, and not just a person. While I believe that, every one of us can look at our individual organization and point to the person or persons who personify bullying.  We all know a person who is the bully in our system.  We all know someone who looks down upon the rest of us and feels that it is their job to make us feel smaller. It is their job to make us feel unworthy.  They feel that it is their job to make us do more than our job, more than expected, and place us in circumstances that cause moral injury. Well, I say “No more.” I say it is time for all of healthcare, the rest of us in healthcare to take back our identities.  We are no longer the victims. We are no longer the bystanders. We are going to come together and take back Healthcare.


Unfortunately, I’ve spent much of this past year reaching out to healthcare administrators. I’ve tried to speak to CEOs, and CFOs, and other members of the C-suite. What I’ve learned is that they don’t want to change. Change represents risk, and they don’t like risk. They don’t see that it is riskier to stay on our current course, with our sick healthcare system, losing physicians, nurses, and everyone else, rather than entertaining solutions that work. There is more than enough evidence that “staying the course” will sink the entire ship.


I now turn to those of us who are passionate about getting things changed. Do you agree that what someone says can make or break your day?  And if so, you’re with me. You are one of my Healthcare Warriors.  We are going to ban together to take back Healthcare. Do you want to learn how to prevent burnout and protect your team? Then you are one of my Healthcare Warriors, and I’m here to protect you and help you learn to negotiate and set boundaries.  If you could stop someone from committing suicide, would you?! Then you are definitely one of my Healthcare Warriors.  It is time we came together to stop the unseen drivers of burnout, such as bullying. It is time we came together to take back healthcare.  Join me,


I am Dr. Nan Nuessle of Beat Down Burnout and I’m here to help.

Nanette Nuessle