Beat Down Burnout



This membership is systematically designed to raise one’s leadership skills and provide you with the information pivotal to maintaining stable emotions in stressful situations, as is the responsibility of many of us today. It has been shown to raise the confidence of participants, as well as enlighten them to which emotions in others stimulate, or trigger, them. You can plan on getting Dr. Nan’s compete attention in regular one-on-one sessions. In these sessions, you will discuss what Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is and focus on how to implement it into your own life’s journey. In addition to the one-on-one coaching sessions,   membership is structured to include:
  • All of the information in the EQ Course: Building a Better Bedside Manner.
  • A process of baseline EQ testing.
  • Repeat EQ testing every 90 days, and/or at the conclusion of your membership.
  • A system for emergency access to Dr. Nan Nuessle for EQ-related issues in your daily life.
  • CME/CE credits.
  Membership focuses on accountability, access to Dr. Nuessle, a greater understanding of EQ, and implementable techniques. A minimum 3 month commitment is required.