Beat Down Burnout


We’re all part of a team, whether at work or at home, aren’t we? At work, team efficiency gets a bit sticky at times, doesn’t it? Sometimes, we just want to leave our team and lock ourselves in our office, or a utility closet, right?


I believe that much of team efficiency comes down to communication. We must speak the right tones and say the right notes to resonate with everyone on the team. Otherwise, the team doesn’t move forward as a unit. There’s discord, yes? I’m coming to you today with four quick tips on how to avoid discord in your team communication.


We must understand that not everyone is going to move forward at the same speed. Every team has a certain percentage of people that will jump forward on any plan, full speed ahead. These are your risk takers and the people who want the spotlight. There is a second group that is inertia-prone. They will do whatever they view as best for the team. If they think moving forward is best for the team, they will jump on board right away. If they believe it is best to stay put, you will not be able to move them forward with a crowbar. They are all-team, all the time. It is your job to convince them that moving forward is best for the group, or team, as a whole. If you don’t believe this to your very core, you won’t be able to convince them. They can smell insincerity.


Understand that some people are going to want more information. There are two types of information that will be requested. One faction is going to want an overview and bullet-pointed steps of what will take place to get from where you are to the final goal. Show them this journey is risk free. The other faction is more interested in the data and research that supports your final goal being the correct place to be.

Nanette Nuessle