Beat Down Burnout

Why I Did the Interview with Authority Magazine

Hello, healthcare Warriors. I’m Nan Nuessle, MD,and I’d like to share with you that I recently was interviewed by Maria Angelova of Authority Magazine on Wellness reimagined and the five things that I would like to change about healthcare. It’s a great article and I encourage you to all go read it here. I’m not here to publicly toot my own horn and talk about the article. I think the article speaks for itself. I’m here to say that the reason I do these things like interviews is because I’m passionate about what I do and what I do is I help healthcare workers like yourself who are struggling with burnout. I help healthcare organizations, places with a toxic atmosphere in which bullying is one of the drivers of burnout. I help people who themselves are struggling with being bullied.


I do this because 400 physicians commit suicide a year. Data shows that the numbers are just as bad or worse for nurses, and we aren’t even keeping good records for respiratory therapists, for phlebotomists, for lab techs, housekeepers, or unit clerks. They’re all affected by everything that’s going on in healthcare and their numbers for suicide are up as well. I’m being told that the numbers are high for members of the C-suite, as well, although they are more difficult for me to obtain.


Research indicates that we are losing 40 to 60% of our doctors and nurses from healthcare. They’re just leaving the profession every year. That’s not sustainable. We need assistance and a plan for dealing with that. I have that! I have a plan. Read the article. It talks about that. It also talks about bringing the care back into healthcare, about a way to bring back your teams, nurture your teams, get your teams to collaborate with one another. Open, honest, effective, and healthy communication that sets boundaries that work for both the staff and the administration is what I teach and train. If it’s not working for one party it’s not going to work for the other. We have to get everyone to have a seat at the table, where their voices are heard. I encourage you read the article and grab your code. When you grab your code, you’ll get a report that tells you all about yourself. As a favor to you, I’ll send you a second report that tells you how you communicate with others. These are the building blocks of effective communication. Take this opportunity to grab your code now! I’m Nan Nuessle, MD and I’m here to help.

Nanette Nuessle