Beat Down Burnout

Workplace Safety for Healthcare Workers

Do you believe that everyone deserves a safe workplace? Do you agree that having people belittle you does not encourage a safe workplace? Let me explain. When people are belittled and verbally bullied, open communication does not exist. When this happens, all types of communication suffer. This includes your handoff from shift to shift, which can lead to medical errors. It also leads to anxiety, not only for the person who is being bullied. It increases for the bystanders sharing that workspace. Wouldn’t you agree?


Can you see then, how this drives people to leave these work environments for a different organization? I mean, if you were in a place where you had to watch people being verbally torn down each day, or just never built up, never acknowledged for their hard work and commitment, would you want to stay? Would you think about leaving?


This is what is actually happening in healthcare in most of the US. Doctors are working hours that are much longer than what OSHA standards consider safe. Nurses are carrying patient loads that Nursing organizations advise. What do we get in return? We get emptiness and hollow words. Our administrators do not know how to speak to us in a way that resonates and makes us feel recognized and appreciated. They don’t explore other types of recognition that might fit into our lifestyles and schedules. In addition, we often don’t know how to speak to one another in a way that is supportive. Furthermore, few of us have the tools and the training to negotiate for better hours, better pay, and better boundaries concerning what is supposed to be our time off. Wouldn’t you agree?


Do you believe that what someone says to you can make or break your day? No or Yes? Do you believe that repeatedly hearing negative feedback can drive someone to burnout, depression, or even suicide? No or Yes? Would you like to be a part of the solution to all of this? I thought you might.


I know the secret to staff retention. I understand the science behind what drives burnout and what you can do about it. I have a system to stop driving our #healthcareworkers toward burnout, depression and suicide. Do you want to know the solution to this and more? DM me. I’m here to help.

Nanette Nuessle